Learning at Aotea College

At Aotea College we value the pursuit of academic excellence. We aim to provide a holistic learning experience with a broad range of learning opportunities within and beyond the classroom. We have innovative teaching programmes, responsive to the diverse needs of students. All students work to gain meaningful qualifications.  The National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) is an internationally acknowledged New Zealand Qualification.

Teaching and learning programmes include partnerships with tertiary and community organisations.  Connections with the wider community and tertiary institutions add a range of vocational pathways.

Involvement in both sporting and cultural activities is actively encouraged. The pursuit of excellence in these fields is also valued and supported. Leadership and team skills gained in co-curricular activities are an important part of the broader education offered at Aotea College.

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Connected Learning

Our approach to curriculum is delivered with a focus on the school values:

  • Being learner centred and flexible
  • Using digital devices and other ICT to support learning
  • Connecting students in positive ways to community and the wider world
  • Creating a sense of belonging and learning together
  • Achieving excellence to meet students’ full potential.

Our goal is for all students to have access to digital technologies in order to support learning from home and school. A range of teaching and learning strategies that blend  traditional and innovative digital learning strategies are used across the curriculum.

A 1:1 device programme is planned to be fully implemented by 2019. All students in Year 9 and 10 are requested to bring a computer (laptop or chromebook) to school.

Year 11- 13 students are encouraged  to do so too. Aotea College is connected to ultrafast broadband through the Network for Learning (N4L).

Learning Partnerships


Aotea College has strong relationships with New Zealand universities including a special mentoring link with Victoria University.  Aotea students can enrol in university courses as part of their learning programme in selected cases, while still at college.

Polytechnical Institutions

Aotea College is a partner with Weltec and Whitireia Polytechnic Institutes and has a collaborative relationship with Te Wananga o Aotearoa.

Trades Academy

The Wellington Trades Academy offers a range of of one and two-day courses at WelTec and Whitireia. Students can enrol in one of these as part of their regular programme or can apply to be part of the Aotea College Trades class.

Gateway and work experience.

Gateway and work experience programmes involve partnerships with local business and organisations to support learning within the community.

Community of Learning

As part of a Community of Learning, Aotea College is involved in a learning partnership with nine contributing primary schools from the Northern Porirua area. The schools collaborate to ensure smooth transitions in learning from from primary to secondary school.

Learner Support

Learning services are available to everyone to support an inclusive education and  ensure students’ learning needs are met within all school settings. The Learner Support Department is part of a broad Learning Pathways team that works closely with:

Support workers
Relevant agencies.

We ensure students to access the New Zealand Curriculum and develop key competencies.

Special support for access to qualifications is provided through the use of reader-writers and special assessment conditions where appropriate.