Reminder to all families
Mar 19, 2020

Reminder to all families

The college continues its business as usual with extra hygiene measures in place and restrictions for large gatherings.  It is good to see the large majority of students maintaining a calm and mature approach to continuing their studies. We are all aware of the pandemic planning and measures underway and we thank everybody for keeping up to date with school and other helpful communications from the Ministry of Health. The student wellbeing team and staff response team continue to work with the information we have to look after the wellbeing of our school community. Students themselves have requested we concentrate on facts as opposed to fiction which is an indication of how onto it they are. The student wellbeing team is organising for a helpful daily fact to be published to students in the daily notices.  

It is important to follow our usual protocols during this time. Students have checked the accuracy of family contact details to ensure good communication channels continue

  1. The school office monitors and records if and when a student is picked up from school because of illness, injury or appointment.
  2. Families should continue to call the school office to notify us of any absences.
  3. Students may not leave the school grounds without being signed out from the office.
  4. The college has the capability for students who are genuinely ill or self isolated, to continue a lot of their school work online.
  5. Students have provided helpful information about their digital devices and internet access for learning, should we need to shift for any time, to a digital platform for teaching and learning.
  6. We advise students and families to check their emails daily to keep up to date with information from school.
  7. Students are being asked to double check with their teachers and classmates that they have access to the Google classroom or Hapara sites set up by class teachers. It would be helpful if families followed this up too.

Thanks for your cooperation. Keep well.

Nga mihi

Kate Gainsford