Property Update 13/08/2018
Aug 13, 2018

The new  buildings remain  on track to be completed at the end of term 1 2019 with construction work in the hands of SouthBase Construction Limited. With foundations and walls being in place for the administration block in the next few weeks and the roofing for all the new teaching blocks due to be completed by the end of August.

Traffic Management ~ The current work requires a significant increase in the number of heavy loads and vehicles accessing the site.  Safety is a priority and your cooperation with people managing the traffic flows at key times is appreciated.

Old buildings ~  The walls between C3/C4 and D4/D5 have both been removed for the beginning of term 3 for English and Social Science faculties (and others) to use for team teaching practice is terms 3 and 4.  

Three  main  types  of  teaching  &  learning will occur in  the  flexible space. 

A) direct instruction traditional learning.   

B) collaborative learning allows students & staff to work in different sized groups.

C) Independent learning give students an opportunity to learn at their own pace.