Last Day Arrangements- Monday 13th December
Dec 9, 2021

It is expected that all students will be present for these celebrations.  As a result of the Covid Protection Framework restrictions we are unfortunately unable to accommodate parents/families as a part of these celebrations.

Metlink buses will run at the normal times in the morning, but will be leaving school at the earlier time of 12:45pm at the conclusion of our Y9 Awards ceremony.  The Y10s ceremony actually finishes at the earlier time of 10:30am, and at this time they will be free to leave.  However, we have also made arrangements to supervise those that may need to remain until the buses arrive at 12:45pm.  The Rural bus will run as per normal times.

Students are expected to arrive at school, on time, in full school uniform, and report to their Hui Ako classes to start the day at 8:50am.