Hui with Honourable Kelvin Davis ~ Minister of Crown/Maori Relations
May 18, 2018

He has been travelling the country having hui with the public but this was the first and only time he spoke solely with youth - the seven students in the photos below. Before the hui they toured parliament and had kai with Ministry officials. The Minister was impressed with their frank and intelligent discussion regarding the current state of Māori/Crown relations and the direction which they would like the country to head in. A report from this Hui will be published at a later date.

“I really enjoyed our  discussion with  Kelvin Davis.   It was  interesting the  hear the different viewpoints on different  social issues  such as preserving the Maori culture in New Zealand, and reducing New Zealand's prison population...(he) and his team ... were genuinely interested in what we had to say. The highlights were definitely getting to see Jacinda, Winston and Kelvin,  and  the  great  feed  that was provided for us at the Ministry of Justice building.”   Jeremiah Sakaria

The  topic of the  Maori-Crown relationship is so close to my heart. So being able to openly talk about the problem and possible solutions was great." Tamara Nash.

"It was a great opportunity to talk about our opinions and be listened to on an important topic.”  Neve Sissons

“It was an enlightening and productive discussion."  Katie Bailey: