Health & Safety Covid-19 update #2
Mar 17, 2020

The cancellation of gatherings of 500 people affects sporting events immediately like the Maadi Cup and will affect planning for future events at school.

We are reducing gatherings of people by reducing events with large audiences on our calendar this term.
During the school day our precautionary measures include:

Cancelling whole school assemblies for the remainder of the term and gathering in whanau or year level groups only.
redirecting and reducing internal traffic flows around the school. This is important.

Year level by year level staged access to cafeteria at lunchtime. Announcements will be made by the PA system and duty teachers will supervise.

There are no reported COVID19 infections in any New Zealand school and we hope to keep it this way for as long as possible.
Please do check your emails and the school's website and facebook pages to keep up with further announcements. Thank you for your cooperation.

Sports events and precautionary measures.

2020 Aon Maadi Cup
On 16 March 2020, the New Zealand Government advised public events or mass gatherings to be held where 500 or more people are together in one place at one time, should be cancelled.

As a result of this announcement, School Sport NZ has this evening confirmed that all events on the School Sport NZ national calendar are suspended, including the 2020 Aon Maadi Cup.