From the Principals pen - 18/08/2017
Aug 18, 2017

Kia ora koutou,

In a whole school powhiri last week we welcomed new and international students and new staff to the College. It is great to see our students explaining the richness of culture and customs of  Aotearoa to  students from other countries.  The world is always better off when people are prepared to appreciate and learn from the experience of  others.   New Zealand  students  and  families  also  gain  a  lot   from  the  experience of hosting international students.


Poly festival

When students join performance groups of different cultures for the Poly festival,  important things are also learnt along the way.  Adults and tutors who assisted ensured the best performances  combined cultural knowledge and expertise with grace, precision and humility.  Thank you to everyone who helped. This  year Poly fest was hosted by Mana College and next year it will be hosted by Bishop Viard College.


Porirua city

Head students from Porirua City’s secondary schools have been working with the Porirua City Council to develop another city wide event for the schools.  The cross schools leadership  group has  shown initiative and commitment in the way they‘ve networked and lobbied the mayor, connected with principals and made preparations amongst themselves to develop the idea of an interschool Porirua Shield. Watch this space.


Community of Learning Kahui Ako

Most schools in Porirua city are now working collaboratively and this collective impact will begin to unfold later this term with the announcement of  Northern Porirua community of learning Kahui Ako Leader. Board representatives and principals are currently engaged in the selection process.


Northern Porirua Engagement

Of  real interest to the community will be the latest information about the Northern Porirua Engagement project. Feedback from the last consultation round is on the Ministry’s website along with an online survey about four future schooling options for our area. The deadline is short. We are organising for staff and students to take part before the  25th August 2017 and invite all parents and caregivers to do the same. It takes about 15 – 20 minutes.  


Term four decision

A recommendation about a preferred option is expected from the minister whatever the election outcome some time in term 4.


Warm regards


Kate Gainsford