Building Update - September 2018
Sep 4, 2018

Thanks for the questions that came in during the NCEA evening. We will add these and answers to the Building update section of the school’s website to keep everybody informed.

Some of the key elements in the acoustic engineering of the new school are -

Acoustic engineering and roof construction

The roof design is "Roof Logic Ultatherm". This is a multi layer system with a centre core made from 'Securerock'. This is a dense board product that greatly reduces external noise coming into the school, like rain, aircraft overhead and external activity noise.

The ceilings have a cavity which is lined internally with C Max Tiles. These are made of highly absorbent material to absorb internal noise.

Acoustic engineering and the walls -

All internal walls have 90mm noise reduction insulation installed. These are then lined with 'Strand Board' which is a heavy duty timber composite that enhances seismic bracing whilst absorbing environmental noise.

Some  walls are  angled within the teaching spaces to guide noise reverberation towards the absorbing surfaces.

Autex Lining  is  a  thick  carpet like  material  attached  to  the  walls. This surface moderates the room temperature and absorbs sound.

Where  glazing is  installed around  noise sensitive areas the partition/door/windows will have acoustic glazing installed. Openings like doors and windows will have acoustic seal installed. All glass areas are double glazed.

Floors -

Carpet tiles with an absorbent backing have been specified throughout the school. These greatly reduce foot traffic and furniture movement noise while also absorbing environmental noise.

Photos taken this week show the construction progress to date. Key highlights are -

The concrete floor in T4 was completed today.

Work is advancing on the roofs over T3 and T4.

The roof to the admin building will be installed immediately T3 is finished.

The floor of the admin building is expected be laid next Wednesday (5th Sept)

The floor of T3 should be laid the following Monday (10th Sept)

Structural steel to T1 & 2 should be installed in the week commencing 17th Sept.