Build Update - 18/05/2018
May 18, 2018

The first two  deliveries will be for trial installation and from Monday 14th we can expect four loads of panels accompanied by up to eight truck loads of wet concrete per day.

Delivery and installation of panels will continue for at least two months depending on weather conditions. (The crane can't operate in high winds)

All deliveries will be through the Frances Brown Ave entrance and contractors are not permitted to enter during the busy periods before and after school.

As most  of the current work is below ground there hasn't been a lot to see, but this next stage will see real progress and we will be able to get a glimpse of the size and scale of our new school.

Did you know?

1) The angled walls in the new building are designed to  limit the reverberation of sound waves that usually  bounce backwards and forwards between square

angled walls, creating longer echoes than is desirable.  Baffling in other areas including carpet and Autex on  walls serve also to dampen sound.

2) The current library building will not be demolished.  In 2019  it  is  planned to house the Sports and Property departments, with facilities to support a wharenui.

3) All students and staff will undergo an induction process before moving in to new spaces.

4) Ten working days have been set aside for the move into new buildings in the April term break in 2019.