Beginning of Term 2 2018 progress
May 17, 2018

Timeline and progress

The current target of 12th April 2019 for handover to the school from the contractors is still in place.   We’re hoping good weather will help the roof of the new school to be in place by August.

The  construction is  steaming ahead and between term 2 and term 3 there will be 150+ construction workers on site. In the first  two weeks  of term 2 massive concrete panels will be raised with printed feather patterns for each of the main teaching blocks, named after the four birds who fly the four winds. The birds give their names and colours to each whanau block.

Did you know?

1) The current library building will not be demolished. In 2019 it is planned to house the Sports and Property departments, with facilities to support a wharenui and other school operations.

2) New library facilities will be located in the heart of the student services hub in the new school.