Aotea College school bus service update
Feb 3, 2021

Aotea College school bus service update

  1. The same bus routes and bus numbers will be in place for 2021.
  2. Morning timetables are exactly the same as 2020.
  3. Monday and Friday times will be the same as 2020.
  4. GWRC afternoon buses will run at the new times of 2.20 on Tuesday and Thursday and 3.10 on Wednesday.
  5. School staff will be present at the afternoon bus stands to assist people to be on the right buses. Some buses will look different to the usual buses, as they may come from different bus suppliers
  6. Because of increased pressure from roll growth, we advise people to familiarise themselves with all public transport options and  timetables  and to take advantage of the good weather to bike  or walk to school if the distance is suitable.

** please note, Metlink have not yet updated their website so it is currently reflecting last years times. **

We would like to thank the people at GRWC who made these changes for the start of the year.

Please note - the Rural bus will still depart at the usual time of 3.20pm daily